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Isn´t it about time you got your horse off the ulcer merry-go-round? Read here what riders all levels do to prevent their horse from gastric ulceration.


The digestive organs - how to prevent stomach und intestinal ulcers!

Naturally horses graze for up to 18 hours a day, taking in small portions of food. The food rich in crude fibre is chewed extensively and gets into ...

When horses suffer from gastric ulcers: Riders and the eternal fear of sugar!

Sugars (glucose, fructose, and other sugars), classified as carbohydrates and more precisely as saccharides, have a sweet taste. Since sugar, derived ...

These are the most common mistakes in feeding horses with stomach problems!

Anyone who has a stomach patient in the stable knows it. If something gets out of balance, the aches and pains start again. Horses with sensitive ...

Looking for a long-term alternative to omeprazole when your horse suffers from stomach ulcers?

Recently, a horse owner wrote us that her jumping horse was very nervous. She acquired the horse after many changes of ownership, and he is more ...

Anna Blomgren: "I've Had Such Great Results, I Keep all My Horses on Equine74 Gastric“

For Swedish Grand Prix A-team rider Anna Blomgren-Rogers there is no doubt about that the natural feed supplement Equine 74 Gastric has become a ...
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Stomach Problem Causes Potential Sire to Miss His Chance

Herbert Diederich has been breeding Holstein horses in northern Hesse for over 30 years. From his stable come licensed stallions, federal ...

Do you know the basic needs of your horse?

Just like us humans, our horses have basic needs, which in principle differ only insignificantly from ours. These include basic physical needs, the ...

Stomach ulcer in horses: How to escape the stress trap!

In the spring time, for show horses comes the months, in which many demands are made on them. No wonder many horses are getting thinner and thinner. ...

Do stomach-sensitive horses notice the time change?

As everyone should have noticed by now, the clocks were moved one hour forward from winter time to summer time during the night from Saturday to ...

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Equine 74 is a natural supplement with a unique structure , that specifically targets and suppresses stress-induced excess gastric acid. Unlike other products, Equine 74 Gastric has scientific studies to prove its efficacy and is recommended by vets and leading equine nutritionists.

It is used by riders of all levels and across all equine disciplines and on this page we report on how they have integrated Equine74 Gastric into their daily feeding regime. We have feedback from riders of what makes Equine 74 Gastric so successful for their horses - what were the signs & symptoms with their horses behaviour or appearance that made them suspect gastric issues, how have their horses performances and conditioning changed since feeding Equine 74 Gastric and what prompted them to look for a natural alternative to Omezaprole.

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Do it like the pros: These TOP riders will take care of their horses with Equine 74 Gastric!

Rasmus Lüneburg, Wolfgang Schade, Christian Hess, Marco Kutscher, Andreas Kreuzer, Bebe Davies, Julie de Deken, Liz Diegutis, Batian Freese, Tinne Vilhelmson-Silvén, Alix Szepis, Karin Zierer, Julie Hicks, Josefa Sommer, Johan Heins, Theo Molenars, Bruce Goodin, Nayel Nassar, Daniel Bluman, Joe Clee, Pether Markne, Henrik Lannér, Stefanié Heins, Karim Fares, Darragh Kenny, Daan Horn, Sam Polleunis, Phillip Gysbrecht, Zuzana Zelinkova, Hanne Brenner...

...and many national and international experienced riders of all disciplines.

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