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Isn´t it about time you got your horse off the ulcer merry-go-round? Read here what riders all levels do to prevent their horse from gastric ulceration.


Chewing empty and gnashing teeth are important symptoms in horses with stomach problems.

Many people know empty chewing as a sign of submission. This can often be observed when foals or young horses meet horses of higher rank and want to ...

When horses flehm: Is it either the smell or the stomach?

Horses usually flehm when they have noticed a smell that they want to identify more closely. When flehming, the horse stretches its head forward and ...

Yawning from the horse alarm signal for gastric ulcer?

If you have noticed recently that your horse yawns remarkably often, this can have many reasons. Horses, like humans and other animal species, yawn ...

Sudden drop in performance in horses with gastric ulcers

If the horse suffers from a stomach ulcer, this usually becomes apparent when it no longer reaches its original performance level. Because of the ...

My horse has a dull coat since the stomach ulcer. What can I do?

The horse's coat is regarded as a mirror of its health. A shiny, smooth coat usually indicates good health. Especially in the change of coat health ...

Helle Dueholm: "I Can see a Big Difference With all My Horses on Equine 74 Gastric“

For Danish dressage rider and breeder Helle Dueholm, Equine 74 Gastric has been the missing link in her daily feeding routine for all her horses for ...

Why do colics often occur after concentrate intake?

Persistent colic, initially relatively mild, without visible external cause: Aas a result of one or more stomach ulcers, the stomach pains caused by ...

Loss of weight: With this formula you calculate the weight of your horse!

The symptom of weight loss can manifest itself as a result of very different diseases and thus weight loss is often not directly associated with ...

Pether Markne: “With horses I don’t like it complicated, so I choose Equine 74 Gastric”

Sweden’s Pether Markne has been an acclaimed dressage rider for decades, competing at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney is one of the many highlights ...

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What is the blog about

Equine 74 is a natural supplement with a unique structure , that specifically targets and suppresses stress-induced excess gastric acid. Unlike other products, Equine 74 Gastric has scientific studies to prove its efficacy and is recommended by vets and leading equine nutritionists.

It is used by riders of all levels and across all equine disciplines and on this page we report on how they have integrated Equine74 Gastric into their daily feeding regime. We have feedback from riders of what makes Equine 74 Gastric so successful for their horses - what were the signs & symptoms with their horses behaviour or appearance that made them suspect gastric issues, how have their horses performances and conditioning changed since feeding Equine 74 Gastric and what prompted them to look for a natural alternative to Omezaprole.

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...and many national and international experienced riders of all disciplines.

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