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Gastric ulceration in horses: When should a rider listen to his gut?

Tanja Dietz


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The horse is nervous and acts up during his grooming routine. Motivation takes a downturn. Sometimes, a colic comes on top. You know the typical symptoms indicating stomach problems, or even ulcerations which can be quite vague at first.

Secure a free feed sample of Equine 74 Gastric and help your horse to buffer  excess stomach acid, so it feels well again.


Riders who are looking for a remedy are likely embarking on an odyssey collecting tons of hints and tips from their equestrian friends. These can be found in abundance, because everyone else (especially those who are competing at shows) is in exactly the same situation. Their horse has stomach trouble and even if it wasn’t diagnosed with ulcers, they start out to find the right medication, or supplement.


Among them is this rider who says:

“My mare, Donna, is rather hot-blooded and she behaves like it. I know her inside out. She’s always been easy to excite and nervous, and she likes to act up when I want groom her, or put a saddle on her. Over the years, we have tried several supplements, none of which showed recognizable effects.”


Now, her vet recommended to give our Equine 74 a shot. “We read all the positive feedback from competition riders, and that’s exactly what we are looking for! We cross fingers that my Donna will like it and that it’ll help her feel better.”


Donna got lucky, because someone gave her a good recommendation. But how can you find out which tip you can trust?

Do you need a scientific proof that Equine 74 Gastric works?

You don’t want to burden your horse with endless experiments. That’s why it makes sense not to try everything on a whim. Donna’s rider followed a personal recommendation, and she found out that many competition riders vouch for the product as well. There is a third factor to look at to determine if a product is the right choice: scientific proof of its effectiveness. Customer testimonials are great, but they reflect individual experiences instead of a proven percentage of horses showing satisfactory results.


To get these numbers, you need to ask independent research facilities, and universities. That’s what we did with Equine 74. Only because its effect was proven by extensive research, Christian and Tanja Dietz, both of them horse enthusiasts, could be persuaded to bring the supplement to Germany.


Read the interview to learn why many competition riders all over the world feed Equine 74 Gastric. And don’t miss their story about how the algae formula helping humans get rid of heartburn now gives horses relief as well.

Christian Dietz: So many true horsemen believe in Equine 74 Gastric and that makes us totally proud 

Over the last couple of years, Equine 74 Gastric has developed into one of the best known products for reducing stomach ulcer problems on sport horses. Christian and Tanja Dietz have been the proud distributors in most of Europe, the United States and Canada and Equine 74 Gastric`s reach is still expanding.

"Because all these great riders and horseman say how they trust in Equine 74 Gastric, many people would like to try it too. And once you try it, you will see a difference in a horse," Christian Dietz explains.


Six years ago, Christian and Tanja Dietz were approached by an Irish company that developed a product based on algae to buffer the acid in the stomach of horses. We run an Inbound Marketing Agency called Dietz & Consorten, which is fully focused on the horse and agricultural industry.


The Irish company contacted us, because they developed this horse supplement. They told us about the product and told us about all the research they had done, but they had no knowledge of the horse business. The algae formula used in Equine 74 Gastric was already used in human industry, but then they found out it also worked for horses. So they asked us if we could help to market and distribute their product.”  

Equine 74 Gastric is scientifically proven!

Unlike many other equine products, Equine 74 Gastric is scientifically proven to work for horses. Before distributing the product, the Irish company did scientific research and also got it tested by the university  so there is a proven study, Christian Dietz tells about the development of Equine 74 Gastric. Since Christian and Tanja Dietz are horse-people themselves, they first tested the product on their own and on friends horses. 


After a few weeks, we noticed the difference and also some friends who tried it, came to us and said: This is a great product, we want this! And from that moment we started to be the distributor of Equine 74 Gastric. 


Equine 74 Gastric is a natural product based on algae which are harvested near the coast of Iceland. It is a unique and special kind of algae which can only be harvest on Iceland. Because this formula is also used in human industry, the product has the highest possible level of quality and works perfectly,” Christian Dietz states. 


From the moment Christian and Tanja Dietz started to distribute Equine 74 Gastric, the product was used by some big names. There are many, many products on the market, and obviously someone will say that it helps about any product. But, if you have big names – Olympic names even – who tell everyone that they believe in the supplement, that says something about how special the supplement is. We are contacted by so many people who start feeding it, because they heard from riders like the showjumpers Nayel Nassar and Bruce Goodin or the dressage riders Pether MarkneTinne Vilhemson-Silfvén that they believe in the supplement. We can only be proud that all these great horsemen trust in Equine 74 Gastric. 

Cure, prevention treatment, feeding on a daily basis works with Equine 74 Gastric!

Equine 74 Gastric can not only be used to cure stomach ulceration problems, but also to prevent them. At first, the riders mostly asked if they can try the product. When they see differences in their horse, they ask if they can buy more. And when they see the long term difference and also on more than one horse, they often ask: What would it cost when we feed Equine 74 Gastric to our whole stable?,’” Dietz explains. You can use the product in all kind of strategies.  Many riders start to use it as a cure for a few months to reduce          the ulcers, then when they made their own experience, many of them are coming back and start feed all their sport horses Equine 74 Gastric on a daily basis, the whole year around. 

Why do so many riders trust in Equine 74 Gastric? 

Because of how Equine 74 Gastric works, horses improve in all kind of ways. When a horse gets ridden and has too much acid in their stomach, the surplus of acid splashes on the nonglandular part of the stomach. If this happens very often, the horse gets an ulceration and feels pain. When the surplus of acid is buffered the horses feel no pain and naturally they are much more relaxed and concentrated in the daily work or on shows.” 


That is not the only benefit of using Equine 74 Gastric on a daily basis. For example, when you start working with young horses they really need to develop more muscles.


But, sometimes they dont because they just cant get all the nutrition out of their food, this is sometimes a result of too high acid concentration in the digestive. Thanks to Equine 74 Gastric, the food can be better digested - the pH Level is balanced and the horses can get as much as possible out of their daily feed. Christian Dietz emphasizes all these benefits are supported by Equine 74 Gastrics users. We really get all this info in feedback from the riders. 

New Equine 74 Gastric products are coming up 

New products are also under development. At this moment we are developing a paste of Equine 74 Gastric. Riders asked us about this, because it is easy to use when the horses are travelling and are at shows. 


The idea behind it is, to give the horse on the trailer a paste in the mouth and 

neutralize the acid. There will also be other products focusing on the gut and stomach, that will be based on algae as well. 


However, Equine 74 Gastric can be ordered all over the world through the website. Christian and Tanja Dietz also work with several distributors all over Europe and North America, Canada, Japan, South-Africa, Kuwait and more to come. Our distributors were all customers who tried Equine 74 Gastric and were very enthusiastic about it. For instance, in the Netherlands our distributor is the former Olympicrider Johan Heins and his daughter Stéfanie. They heard about the product through Jos Lansink and when they started using it, they were very positive and started to be our distributors. 



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