What is Equine 74 CALMRELAX?

The short-term solution for acute stress for the stomach of your horse.

Transport situations, tournaments, training at new places can put a lot of stress on your horse's stomach. Equine 74 CALMRELAX can support your horse especially in stressful situations.

If stress situations, in which increased stomach acid is produced, are imminent, the horse receives a dose of Equine 74 Calmrelax 5-10 minutes before.

Positive effects will be noticeable within a few minutes and last for as long as the paste is present in the stomach.

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How does Equine 74 CALMRELAX work?


*Magnesium aspartate supplementation and reaction speed response in horses, JEVS Volume 35, Issue 5, May 2015, pp. 401-402
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, AustraliaWaltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Equine 74 CALMRELAX forms a protective barrier in the horse's stomach

Equine 74 CALMRELAX has a marine origin. It is extracted from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum (Fam. Fucaceae) which grows off the coast of Scotland. Aggressive gastric acid can reach the sensitive stomach lining in the upper, glandless part of the horse's stomach through the peristalsis of the stomach and through the horse's movement. This causes stomach irritation and pain.

Equine 74 CALMRELAX blends with the stomach acid to form a gel-like substance, creating a protective barrier that covers the stomach contents like a film and keeps prevents the acid from reaching these sensitive areas. This protective film then dissolves and is excreted directly from the intestine without being absorbed into the blood.

Acid buffering effects of Equine 74 Gastric

Equine 74 Gastric is extracted from a special type of red algae harvested from the sea bed off the coast of Iceland (Lithotamnium calcareum), which is then gently dried at facilities in Ireland and processed in Germany.

Equine 74 Gastric absorbs excess stomach acid and thus helps maintain a steady pH value.

Natural magnesium with highest bioavailability

Each syringe contains about 3.70 grammes of magnesium. A large horse needs about 20
grammes daily, which is usually covered by normal feed intake.

Due to the paste's rapid decomposition process and an extremely high bioavailability of 98%, the magnesium is very quick-acting.

Magnesium is proven to calm the nerves* and is therefore ideal to help calm and relax horses in stressful situations.

In what situations is Equine 74 CALMRELAX helpful?

  • calmrelax_anw_10

    Saddle pressure and tension

  • Tournament

    Nervous and distracted on the course

  • calmrelax_anw_3

    Stress diarrhoea in the dressage arena

  • calmrelax_anw_4

    Anxious and nervous during loading

  • calmrelax_anw_5

    Stress diarrhoea during indoor training

  • calmrelax_anw_11

    Nervous scratching at grooming station

  • calmrelax_anw_7

    Stress diarrhoea in unfamiliar places

  • calmrelax_anw_8

    Veterinary visit

  • calmrelax_anw_9

    Stress during shoeing

  • calmrelax_anw_1

    Spooking while out on hacks

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  • calmrelax_anw_12


Is Equine 74 CALMRELAX recommended for all horses?

Equine 74 CALMRELAX is Drug Free and Doping Free – tested in the FEI's official anti-doping laboratory in Germany – and can be administered to any horse, whether a sport horse, leisure horse, foal or small pony.

Equine 74 CALMRELAX – for horses with general nervous behavior – is particularly suitable for horses that are prone to stress, have a sensitive stomach or irritated mucous membrane and/or react sensitively to new, unfamiliar or stressful situations. Stressful situations mean increased production of stomach acid in horses, which attacks the stomach lining. Such situations can include competitions, trailer rides, changes to the herd, the breaking in of young horses or the weaning of foals.

The paste is very tasty with added stevia and vanilla, which the horses enjoyed without exception. Depending on the outside temperature, the paste will be a little thicker or thinner and is easy to handle. The riders mentioned that on cold days they would warm up the tube in their hands.

How is Equine 74 CALMRELAX administered?

Equine 74 Gastric CALMRELAX is available in paste form, ready to administer through a handy syringe. We recommend that horses that are generally nervous and have sensitive stomachs be given this tasty paste directly into the mouth about 5-10 minutes before stressful situations of increased stomach acid production. For adult horses we recommend 30-ml doses and for small horses, ponies and foals 15-ml doses.

Positive effects will be noticeable within a few minutes and last for as long as the paste is present in the stomach.


What does Equine 74 CALMRELAX cost?

One package contains three tubes.

One syringe contains at least 95ml paste, i.e.  about 285 ml of total product.
We recommend 30-ml doses.

  • Starter Unit 3 Syringes
    €49.90* (€16.63 per syringe)

  • Best Seller 4 x 3 Syringes
    €184,90* (€15,40 per syringe)

  • Advanced 7 x 3 Syringes
    €314,90* (€14,97 per syringe)

*plus shipping

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