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Interview Terhi Stegars: Equine 74 Gastric is a piece of the puzzle

Astrid Appels


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For Finnish international Grand Prix rider Terhi Stegars Equine 74 Gastric has been an important piece of the puzzle in her daily feeding routine to keep her horses happy and healthy. 
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Stegars saw general health and composure of her sensitive horses improve significantly when she started feeding Equine 74 Gastric as a supplement for long-term ulcer management.

The Lessons Your Learn

Two decades in the business of high performance dressage sport, Stegars is very honest when she says that good horse management comes from lessons learnt, experienced garnered over the years, and an open minded for scientific development.

"I should have known years ago what the signs of ulcers and sensitive stomachs were," she admitted. "My first Grand Prix horse Payano was a sensitive stallion and always eating more or less badly. Back then we tried everything with feed, from mueslis to mashes. We tinkered and tested all the feeds. There was some weight gain, but he was still nervous. He was breeding and performing well, but always just that little bit too thin in my opinion. He would always finish his food during the night."

She continued, "twenty years ago we were not that aware of ulcers. People at the time were not so in tune with sport horse feeding and welfare. I'm a bit sad now that I didn't find the help he needed. He never colicked or so, but in my head I know he would have even been better with the knowledge and experience I have now."

Edgy Horses with Little Appetite

Terhi's interest in Equine 74 Gastric was peaked when she read testimonials from top riders on Eurodressage. With one horse sensitive to his stomach in her stable, Terhi decided to give it a try. 

"Horses that are sensitive to the rider's aids are usually also sensitive to environmental changes which impacts their stomach," said Terhi. "I have now learnt to check the stomach and not to change the feed first; from my experience it's seldom the feed. The horses that don't eat well are usually edgy. They get muscled but are not really filling out, nor always become round. I also notice that their coat was sometimes not as good. With Equine 74 Gastric their appetite and general look improve."


Pieces of the Puzzle

Equine 74 Gastric is a natural feed supplement which buffers acid instead of just blocking it and creates a healthy ph balance in the horse's stomach.

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"My horses look super now and maintain a good health and weight with this product," Terhi explained, adding that a supplement is not a magical cure, but an important piece of the puzzle. "It's not just Equine 74 Gastric, it's the total package: well fitted equipment, the vet, feed and the scheduled feeding times several times in a day, good quality hay always available and of course the field. Pasturing your horse is the best medication. I believe that every horse owner also needs to check the environment; does their horse get the proper turnout."

Long term solution

Aware that gastric ulcers are common with sport horses and medication like omeprazole is no long-term solution, Terhi found a safe and effective alternative for treating horses with recurring ulcers in Equine 74 Gastric.  

"When we travel long we do tend to give omeprazole as a buffer for the long show weekend, but you don't want to always be medicating your horse," Stegars explained. "Omeprazole is quite strong and helps straight away to reduce acid, but you don`t want use it forever. For long term use a supplement is much better and more cost effective"

Equine 74 Gastric particularly appealed to Terhi as it is a natural product, which is more cost-effective and gentle on the horse's constitution than pharmaceutical medication. 

"Now I use it as a prevention for those horses you know are more sensitive and nervous or those that go to competitions," Terhi stated. "You have to know your horse, know what to do. If you have any doubts please consult your vet."

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Equine 74 Gastric

The long-term solution

Buffers the excess acid in the horse's stomach instead of blocking it.

Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax

In case of acute stress

Supports the nervous horse stomach in stressful situations.