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Well, I am totally overwhelmed. I never thought it possible that this feed supplement could have such a positive effect so quickly.


Nicole A.

I am an absolute realist and never sugarcoat anything, but the effect of the pellets within four days was just incredible. My stallion looked really good again by his standards after two weeks.


Isabel H.

I am so happy to have Equine 74 Gastric!



Barbara O.

Success Story

How Equine 74 helped my horse with gastric ulcer regain vitality!

“My horse is a Trakehner stallion with 50% Thoroughbred. The Thoroughbred completely hits home with him as well.”

“During a clinic stay in 2017, he developed a stomach ulcer and was treated with conventional medicine. However, I didn't want to keep feeding the chemical clubs and after researching on the internet I learned what a gastric ulcer continues to mean, so I tried various feeds. I will not mention them by name, but there were a total of 4 different companies. Optimal was thereby only one, which is financially however not portable for a permanent gift. Out of desperation, because my horse was getting thinner and thinner with the last remedy and the signs were becoming more and more pronounced, I came across your site on the Internet.”

“Promptly the samples were ordered and two days later the first can of pellets.”

“I am an absolute realist and never sugarcoat anything, but the effect of the pellets within four days was simply incredible.”

“My stallion looked really good again by his standards after two weeks. He was riding well again after 4 days and looked much happier overall. Now I have already started the second can and can say that it did not get any worse. He will always have some moment where he shows empty chewing or salivates from stress, but he is definitely doing really well. Also, his physical therapist notes that he has not shown the typical cramping in his lumbar area since then.”

“I can really recommend this product to any owner of a stomach patient without any restrictions.”

“I will no longer feed any other product. I have attached two pictures for comparison. The first shows my stallion in a very bad phase before Equine74, the second picture shows him two weeks after the first dose.”

Isabel H.

Make up your own mind.

Success Story

Horses fit and pain free after gastric ulcer treatment!

“Today I would like to tell you about my experience with Equine74 Gastric. In May, my horses were diagnosed with gastric ulcers. I tried everything to increase their well-being, including a complete change of diet. Despite all the optimization, the condition did not improve and the horses remained lean despite 24h hay. After the treatment, I started looking for a suitable preventative, hoping it would help my horses. By chance I came across Equine74. The homepage and the whole appearance made me curious, so I immediately ordered a taste sample.

“I started feeding Equine74 Gastric during the last week of treatment with medication.”

Both horses are like changed. They are calm, seem pain free and visibly relaxed. And they are somehow really grateful—as if to say to me, 'Hey, thanks, you're looking out for us and we're doing much better!' I can't explain it very well. And now the madness: my big brown problem child with a bad past always had a lot of trouble walking loosely on the reins. Since the supplementary feeding, the horse is like a changed horse. He is fully with me, does everything well and concentrated, what I ask of him and: HE WALKS ON THE REINS WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. He is very soft and I have the feeling that I have nothing to do in my hand. I have never had that before! My rider and I used to have sore muscles for days because he was so stubborn and got tight.

My horses love Equine74 Gastric. I ordered a 20kg bucket straight away. Already in the first week I noticed how my two horses were fitter, the leaning problems were virtually gone and they worked again totally motivated. I feed Equine74 daily, 25 grams in the morning and 25 grams in the evening. After 3 check-ups each, the stomach ulcers are gone and thanks to Equine74 Gastric, both stomachs look fantastic. I am extremely grateful for Equine74 Gastric and have just ordered another large bucket. Thank you so much for this great product!”

Nicole A.

Is Equine 74 Gastric really that good or is it just talk?

Read here the testimonial of Barbara Oenning, a happy competition rider from North Rhine-Westphalia:


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