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Josefa Sommer Interview: Equine 74 Gastric Enhances Eventing Horse Health

Tanja Dietz


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Josefa Sommer, hailing from Immenhausen, is a true master of the equestrian sport of eventing. Her achievements speak volumes - from victories in CIC** and CCI** competitions to top placements at *** level in prestigious events like Wiesbaden, Luhmühlen, and Malmö. Not to mention her crowning glory of clinching the team gold at the 2013 European Championships for Rural Eventers and triumphs with the German squad in Nations Cups.

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Only die-hard eventing fans are aware that Josefa Sommer is an amateur rider. Balancing her time between treating people and horses at her own physiotherapy practice in the mornings, and riding in the afternoons, she manages all of this while juggling her four-person family. Of course, her team includes her trusty partner, the Heraldik xx-son Hamilton. A sensitive horse, Hamilton used to refuse food and grind his teeth during competition phases. But thanks to Equine 74 Gastric, those days are now a thing of the past.

What prompted your search for a supplement that buffers excess acid in the horse's stomach?

"I reside on a large equestrian property with my family, where I oversee various aspects of horse care, particularly focusing on nutrition. This naturally fuels my interest in all related matters. Additionally, my top horse, Hamilton, experiences significant stress at competitions, especially struggling to eat in unfamiliar environments while still expected to perform at his best. Weight loss becomes inevitable when we travel, leading to rapid muscle depletion. In the past, I used to regularly administer Omeprazole, which helped him. However, I knew this wasn't a long-term solution, prompting me to seek an alternative."

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How did you first learn about Equine 74 Gastric and what caught your attention?

"I conducted thorough research on the internet and stumbled upon the website. The intriguing testimonials from numerous fellow riders sparked my curiosity. As a physiotherapist, I keenly observe market trends, especially concerning horses with gastric issues that I frequently treat. Often, these problems manifest during saddling or in the girth area. It makes perfect sense, considering the stomach's delicate location in that region."


How long have you been feeding Equine 74 Gastric and what are your experiences so far?

"For about two months now, I have been feeding Equine 74 to all of my horses, including my team horse Hamilton and the young ones. As I mentioned, Hamilton always had trouble eating at competitions. This is a big no-no. An intense eventing competition already takes a toll on them. Every meal is crucial in such situations. It's essential that the horses consume as much forage as possible. I'm glad to see him eating well now. Additionally, he used to grind his teeth during work, both in training and at competitions."

"But that's all in the past now. I haven't heard him grind his teeth in ages. He also no longer kicks his belly with his hind legs in the stable. Furthermore, I have noticed a significant positive change in a six-year-old horse. It was a tall, thin, and awkward horse that also had issues with rideability. It now looks much better, is becoming rounder, and is more pleasant to ride."

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Do you believe that eventing horses are subjected to a higher level of stress compared to horses in other disciplines?

"I would say that our horses are not necessarily subjected to greater stress or higher demands. Dressage and show jumping horses also have to perform at their peak. However, in eventing, it's a bit different. Firstly, we have many Thoroughbreds or horses with high bloodlines, which may naturally be more spirited. And it's precisely this attitude that we need, especially in the cross-country phase. That's what makes this discipline thrive."

"It's not about negative stress, but rather about positive adrenaline. When Hamilton stands in the start box before the cross-country, he knows exactly what's coming next, and I can barely contain his excitement. And when I gallop through the finish line and feel how fit he still is, that's when I remember why I love this sport. Additionally, eventing horses are trained differently, focusing heavily on physical condition and fitness."

"Recently in Poland, we had a long competition with a 10.5-minute cross-country course in 35-degree heat – it would be irresponsible to leave anything to chance. The equestrian sport has become so professional nowadays that management plays a significant role in success. And part of that management includes the health and well-being of our horses."

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