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Consequences of Excess Protein in Horses with Stomach Issues

Tanja Dietz


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Protein in horse feed is a sensitive topic. On the one hand, your horse needs sufficient protein, especially the essential amino acids - these are the basic building blocks of protein that the horse cannot synthesize (produce) itself - for various metabolic processes, the function of the liver and kidneys, the formation of haemoglobin for oxygen transport in the blood, blood clotting, the immune system and the build-up of body substance, such as muscles and connective tissue.

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What are the consequences of an excess of protein?

On the other hand, the supply of protein must not be too high, i.e. above the horse's requirements, as a constant excess of protein leads to increased urea production in the body. This has to be excreted via the kidneys, which leads to an increased burden on the kidneys, liver and oxygen balance.

The most serious consequence of excess protein is laminitis, which is also promoted by a high-starch concentrate diet and an excess of fructans (from the grass).However, excess protein can also lead to diarrhea, as too much protein throws the intestinal flora out of balance.


You should therefore make sure that your horse, especially if it reacts sensitively to excess protein, is not permanently oversupplied with protein. It can usually cover its maintenance protein requirements with its daily hay supplements.

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