Is Omeprazole a long-term solution against gastric ulcers in horses?

Tanja Dietz


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We recently heard from a horse owner who wrote that her horse, a jumper, had very weak nerves. After having been bought and sold several times, his situation is now more relaxed with her, but he is still difficult to ride. She would now like to prevent stomach issues.

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This once again demonstrates that it’s not only high performers that need nerves of steel. All horses are capable of displaying nervous behaviour, and that – rightly – worries riders. Because jumpy, skittery behaviour is not merely a problem for riders: it may also indicate stomach problems, particularly if the horse is also a poor eater.

It’s no wonder, then, that many riders are looking for ways to alleviate the problem. For many, the right solution can be found in the horse’s feed.

Equine gastric ulcers, followed by a pleasant surprise.

This was the experience of Theo Molenaers, one of the biggest horse dealers in Belgium and also a very successful breeder. He had enough of the repeated Omeprazole cures, which didn’t do anything to prevent the formation of gastric acid. He tried out the long-term alternative to Omeprazole, which specifically buffers excess stomach acid, preventing equine gastric ulcers. And what did he find? His horses showed more freedom and suppleness when ridden. They were in very good spirits, he told us.

Theo Molenaers’ horses experienced the positive effects that have been shared by many others. He found benefits in replacing quick-fix medications with natural feed supplements. Remember: success doesn’t come overnight, but it will be more sustainable.

Read here how Theo Molenaers learned about Equine 74 and what he tried before to help horses with sensitive stomachs.

"If our horses are in good spirits, performance comes automatically!"

Theo Molenaers is one of the largest horse dealers in Belgium, with an international clientèle. He’s also a successful breeder, having produced Holsteiner stallions like Dinken, Commanchi and Clicksem. He’s a horseman who knows how important the well-being of sport horses is in their ability to perform 100 percent. For this, Molenaers relies on Equine 74 Gastric.

As a horse dealer and breeder you are often on the move. Do you ever encounter horses with stomach problems?

"I've sometimes had horses in my stable with very sensitive stomachs. My suspicions were confirmed by our veterinarian."

And what was your reaction?

"We then treated these horses with GastroGard. But it wasn’t a long-term solution."

Why not? Did it not have the desired effect?

"Yes, it did. Its active ingredient, Omeprazole, certainly helped, but I didn't want them to be taking it forever. Not that the horses couldn’t take it on an ongoing basis. Omeprazole, in simple terms, blocks the mechanism that pumps gastric acid into the stomach, however it does not get to the root cause – that is, the excess gastric acid itself. Also, GastroGard is very expensive."

And how did you learn about Equine 74 Gastric?

"I happened to meet Christian Dietz, the manufacturer of Equine 74, at an event in Schleswig Holstein. He told me about his product, which my business partner Jos Lansink and I then tried out. And we were pleasantly surprised. All our horses soon felt looser, freer – they simply felt better. I felt like they were in good spirits."

So the performance of your horses has increased since they’ve been getting Equine 74 Gastric?

"Yes. Our sport horses travel from tournament to tournament, and often suffer from stress. It is our task to ensure that these top athletes feel completely fine. When they do, one need not worry about performance. And that, after all, is what ultimately determines the market. Horses with continuous success and good health have high value and are easy to sell."

So it sounds like you’re sticking with Equine 74 Gastric?

"Yes, that's right! Because I’m ultimately killing two birds with one stone. My horses are fit and happy – which raises their value. And I'm saving a lot of veterinary costs by feeding all my horses Equine 74 Gastric preventively. Since then, the vet has had to come out to the farm less often."


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