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Equine 74® Gastric and Equine 74® Stomach Calm Relax

Innovative solutions for gastrointestinal problems

Impressive results

"Equine 74® Gastric and Equine 74® Stomach Calm Relax have been proven to significantly enhance gastrointestinal health and reduce stress-induced behavior in horses."

This conclusion comes from a recent research study conducted by Citruslabs, where our products were tested over a 35-day period with 32 horse owners and 48 horses. The single-arm consumer study adhered to strict inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure the results were relevant and accurate. Participants administered Equine 74® Gastric twice daily and used Equine 74® Stomach Calm Relax according to feeding instructions during times of stress.

The study's findings were remarkable:

A staggering 90.6% of participants found Equine 74® Gastric to be an effective way to alleviate symptoms associated with gastric ulcers, and an impressive 80.6% of horse owners were satisfied with the outcomes of Equine 74® Stomach Calm Relax.

You can download the press release with these study results and more important information here. Have questions? Simply send an email to christian@equine74.com. We're here to help!

Equine 74® Gastric is scientifically proven to work!

Back in 2013, the effectiveness of Equine 74® Gastric, then known as EquiMinPlus, was explored in a scientific study. The study aimed to determine if the supplement could counteract acidification in the gastrointestinal tract and how it affected conditions within the digestive system.

"In summary, the results of the scientific study demonstrate that adding a marine, multi-mineral supplement – Equine 74 Gastric – to a variety of fibers (feed) has a positive buffering effect during in-vitro small intestine digestion and a mildly stimulated early fermentation rate under in-vitro large intestine conditions."

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 34 (2014) 391–397 Moore*, O'Gorman, and Wakefield*, (*both from the School of Agriculture, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)

The formulation of Equine 74® Gastric has remained largely unchanged since then, except for an optimization that removed sugar from the supplement.

For more information about this study, click here or send an email to christian@equine74.com.

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