How does my horse tells me it has stomach problems?

Tanja Dietz


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Stress affects the stomach, and the effects are even worse for horses than for us riders. We see many competition riders who are now getting ready for show season. While sensitive horses instantly react to pressure and environments they are not familiar with, this does not necessarily lead to gastric ulcers right away. However, even an irritated or mildly upset stomach can make our horses feel severely uncomfortable.


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How does my horse tell me it has stomach problems?

There are various common symptoms and each of them could also be caused by something else.  Obviously, this doesn’t make it easier to get an accurate diagnosis. When visiting stables, riders keep telling us about similar alarm signs. Some horses would become fussy when the girth is tightened, kick themselves in the stomach, or start grinding their teeth. Others would lick the metal bars of their stalls, or show unwillingness during training units, though this seems definitely out of character.

What happens, when riders don’t take action?

It’s too bad that stomach trouble is often failed to be recognized as what it is: An early sign of gastric ulcers. Once the ulcers have grown into existence, horses must undergo an extensive – and expensive – medical treatment. What’s more, this is a troubling time for us riders and owners, as we have to worry about our suffering horses. And don’t get us started about the financial burden the treatment means for us. Omeprazole doesn’t come cheap!

But luckily, there are ways to counteract the disease, before you need it.

Act first is better than pay later!

Especially sensitive horses who attract stomach problems quicker than others can be helped early on. There is a method that is easy and effective at once: Excessive stomach acid which is ultimately responsible for the growth of gastric ulcers can be neutralized. We achieve this with natural feed supplements that are mixed into the regular rations. We know many decorated competition riders who have been very successful with feeding our Equine 74 to their horses. They tell us they are glad to have found a natural alternative to Omeprazole treatments, and even at a way more favorable price. For more informations please check our blog on the international page.

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