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The Equine 74 Gastric Library

Cover Webinar 3 DK-1

Webinaret Mavesår hele vejen rundt

Her kan du se en optagelse af vores andet webinar med 4 * Eventing Rider Cecile Eriksen og Sofie Englund, Distributør Equine 74 Denmark og Christian, CEO for Equine 74.


E-Book - Stress in horses

How to recognise stress in your horse, how to avoid it and how to help your horse when this is not possible.


E-Book - Colic in horses

Learn all about the different types of colic and what the main triggers can be in our e-book.

Feeding ABC Equine 74

E-Book - The great feeding ABC

In the great feedings ABC you will find exciting feeding tips for horses with stomach ulcers. Which feeds can support your horse, which should you rather avoid?


E-Book - Symptoms-Guide

Gastric ulcers manifest themselves differently. In our e-book you will get an overview of 20 typical symptoms that indicate stomach ulcers in horses.


E-Book - Gastric ulcers in horses

Here you can find out everything about stomach ulcers in horses. How do I know if my horse has a stomach ulcer, how is it treated and how can I prevent it?