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Beetroot - a real alternative to apple, banana and co?

Tanja Dietz


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Have you ever fed your horse beetroot? No? Then here are some good reasons why you should try beetroot with your horse. 

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Superfood for horses


Beetroot used to be on the menu of draft and work horses almost every day - and for good reason, because beetroot is a true multi-talent! Beetroot is excellent as a reward in between meals or as a supplement to meals.


They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Beetroot strengthens the immune system and supports the metabolism. In addition, it decays the body and has a blood-forming and anti-inflammatory effect. They also contain less sugar than apples or bananas, for example, and are low in acid.


If your horse is a little picky and does not like fresh beetroot, you can also feed it as chips - the acceptance is often higher.

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