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Tanja Dietz

EKS Strategist
Managing Director of Dietz & Consorten Gmbh

Tanja Dietz has more than 27 years of business experience, distinctive entrepreneurial thinking and customer orientation. For her, this means first and foremost aligning all thoughts and actions to one goal: developing an optimal – national as well as international – communications strategy.

Her profound knowledge creates the basis for structuring and implementing processes in all aspects of inbound marketing.

In doing so, she specifically uses her know-how advantage to apply the methods of the bottleneck-focused strategy as a trained and certified strategy coach according to the teachings of Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Mewes (EKS).

Dipl.-Ing. agr.

Christian Dietz

Expert for demand-driven marketing, inbound marketing

Christian Dietz has been the managing director of Dietz und Consorten GmbH for almost 30 years.

He studied agricultural sciences at the JLU in Giessen and intensively studied the field of horse breeding in the in-depth subject of animal breeding and husbandry. From his passion for horses and agriculture, the two major fields of competence of Dietz & Consorten GmbH developed.

Due to his many years of experience as a consultant for communication, the market overview and the resulting market transparency, he is commissioned by the agricultural and equestrian industry as a consultant for the strategic analysis of corporate communication. From 2015 to 2018, Christian Dietz was a board member of the Holstein Horse Breeders Association.