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Gastric Ulcers: Is there a long-term alternative to Omeprazole?

Tanja Dietz


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Recently, a horse owner wrote us that her jumping horse was very nervous. She acquired the horse after many changes of ownership, and he is more relaxed with her than he was before. However, he is still difficult to ride. Now the owner wants to treat the horse for stomach problems. This case is another example that it is not only competition stars who need iron nerves; any horse can show nervous behavior. This is a cause for concern for riders. Nervous, jittery behavior is not only difficult for riders to handle. It can also indicate stomach problems, especially if the horse is also not eating well.

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It is no wonder that many riders are looking for ways to alleviate the problem, and many find the solution that works for them and their horses is to feed supplements.

First, stomach ulcers in the horse. Then, a pleasant surprise!

Theo Molenaers, who is one of the largest horse dealers in Belgium and is also very successful as a breeder, has experienced this problem. He had had enough of constant omeprazole treatment, which does not change the production of gastric acid. He tried the long-term omeprazole alternative, which specifically buffers excess gastric acid and thus prevents stomach ulcers in horses. And what did he find? His horses showed themselves to be freer, more relaxed, and in a much better mood when being ridden.

Theo Molenaers’s horses also experienced these positive effects over time. For him, replacement of traditional medications with natural food supplements is a benefit. Please keep in mind that results do not show up overnight, however, they are more easily maintained.

Read here what Theo Molenaers tried before, and how he came to Equine 74 to help horses with sensitive stomachs.

"If our horses are in a good mood, they'll automatically perform well!"

Theo Molenaers, operating internationally, is one of the leading horse traders in Belgium. But this is not all. Mr Molenaers is also a successful breeder. Holstein stallions such as Dinken, Commanchi and Clicksem were bred by him. A horseman through and through, who knows how important it is for sports horses to feel well in order to realise their full potential. To this end he uses Equine 74 Gastric.

Equine 74: You are internationally active as a horse trader and breeder. Have you ever encountered gastric problems when dealing with horses?

"In my stables I've sometimes had horses with a very sensitive stomach. My vet at the time confirmed this assumption."

Equine 74: And how did you react?

"We responded by treating the horses with (a medicine containing omeprazole). In the long run, however, I wasn't particularly thrilled about it."

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Equine 74: Why not? Didn't you achieve the desired effect?

"Oh yes, we did. Omeprazol, the active agent, did quite clearly help. But I had no intention to use it continuously. First of all, because I wasn't convinced my horses should be fed this product all the time. Although Omeprazol, to put it simply, does block the mechanism pumping the gastric acid into the stomach, it does not address the underlying cause. Which is the excess gastric acid itself. Secondly, (this said product) is really expensive."

Equine 74: And how did you discover Equine 74 Gastric?

"At an event in Schleswig Holstein I happened to talk to Christian Dietz, the manufacturer of Equine 74. He told me about his feed; then my business partner Jos Lansink and I tried out the feed. We were pleasantly surprised. After a while, all the horses felt more relaxed, with free movement, just simply better. I had a feeling they were in the best of moods."

Equine 74: Is it true that your horses' performance improved since they were fed Equine 74 Gastric?

"Yes. Let me explain: Our sports horses today are subject to extremely high demands. They are forced to travel from one horse show to the next and frequently suffer from stress. It is our task to make sure that these top performers feel good all around. In which case they will perform almost automatically. Ultimately, this is what determines their market value. Continuously successful, healthy horses sell really well and are highly valued."

Equine 74: This sounds as if you wouldn't wish to do without Equine 74 Gastric anymore?

"Yes, very true! Because, ultimately, this means that I literally kill two birds with one stone. My horses are physically fit and in great spirits – which makes them valuable. Besides, I am saving a lot of veterinary fees. After all, I'm feeding Equine 74 Gastric as a prophylactic ingredient to all horses. Since I started doing this, I haven't been seeing my vet quite as often."

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