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Stress-Free Riding: Building Confidence with a Calm Horse

Tanja Dietz


2 Min. Lesezeit

The sun is shining, you were able to finish work on time today, and your best friend is at the stable with you - perfect conditions for an extensive ride! Just getting out there, letting your soul unwind, and taking advantage of a few long gallop stretches.


You would prefer to saddle up your old gelding - with him, you know that everything will run smoothly. However, your young mare also needs her learning experiences. At four years old and only a quarter of a year of training under her saddle, outings are still very exciting for her, and you must constantly be prepared for her to make a sudden move to the side.


You may have envisioned a more relaxed evening, but this is the perfect opportunity to practice with your mare. Your friend's experienced gelding is calm, you have plenty of time today, and you understand the importance of young horses learning to handle new situations early on. What they learn at a young age, you won't have to painstakingly teach them later on. This isn't about advanced lessons, but about getting them accustomed to everyday scenarios and reacting calmly.


Having a calm older horse around usually helps young horses, as they can look up to them for guidance. You can also tell that your mare is less anxious with the presence of the experienced gelding. Normally, she constantly fidgets, starts prancing around quickly, and gets skittish when alone in the field. But this time is different: she takes a more relaxed pace, allowing you to occasionally loosen the reins without worrying that she might suddenly bolt or shy at the slightest uncertainty. Such rides give young horses a lot of confidence and security, often leading to them being more relaxed on the next outing and eventually riding calmly and confidently with a loose rein.

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Such rides give young horses a great deal of confidence and security, often resulting in them being more relaxed on the next outing and eventually riding with ease and composure on a loose rein.

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