When looking for an alternative to omeprazole I found Equine 74 Gastric

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Barbara Sellmayr is an eventing rider and swears on Equine 74. Before feeding Equine 74, she supported her horses with omeprazole. But this was usually not long lasting, so she was looking for an alternative that was long lasting and more effective. With Equine 74, her horses are now healthy and in good condition.

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Where have you heard of Equine 74 Gastric?

I learned about Equine 74 Gastric while I was researching ulcer treatments for horses on the internet.

Why have you been looking for a product like this?

As much as I want my horses to live as “normally” as possible competition, training and traveling does disrupt a horse’s every day system. A lot of horses I work with have gone through a change such as flying over from Europe, changing careers (from racing to Eventing) and those changes will affect a horse. I was looking for something that would help my horses every day while being cost effective. 

How did your horses change since feeding Equine 74 Gastric?

All my horses are generally more comfortable through their bodies. A young thoroughbred that tended to be “cold backed” has dramatically loosened up, my 2* eventer who can be quite anxious in his stall or when facing new things is now relaxed and easier to deal with. All the horses are more comfortable and relaxed.

What are the symptoms you have recognized, that you were looking for an alternative to omeprazole?   

When using omeprazole I always felt as though I was band-aiding a situation. It gave instant relief but not lasting relief. Horses are creatures of habit, and with some horses the instant relief didn’t work long enough for them to accept the benefits. With Equine 74 Gastric it is constant, within 2 days my horses all felt noticeably better. 

How is your daily routine?

The horses are all fed at 7 am, turnout is a must for my horses and when the weather is good, my horses are out day and night. Morning chores are done and horses are ridden between 7:30 and 4 pm. We have an evening check where some horses get extra feeding and all horses (if inside) get more hay. 

Can you tell us something about your feeding management?


My horses have access to hay at all times. I add alfalfa for added calcium to their feeding through soaked alfalfa cubes. The young horses and horses in intense work get 3 meals per day spread over 12-13 hours to make sure they receive the calories and nutrition they need. 

What do you think is the main thing horses have to deal with and what can riders do to support them the best?

Performance horses (whether BN or advanced) are faced with change on a regular bases. Trailering to a lesson or competition, changing barns, changing pasture mates, etc. It’s our responsibility to help our horses during those times so they feel their best and therefore can perform at their best. The best way to start making sure your horse is feeling well is through access to the best nutrition and give them supplements so they can absorb their nutrition to be the healthiest they can be. 

Who would you recommend Equine 74 Gastric too?

Everyone. Whether you have a 3 yo starting training or a 15 yo recovering from an injury on stall rest, this product is essential for your horse to feel well and be healthy. 

Tell us something about you....
I have been riding since before I could walk. I grew up doing Pony Club which introduced me to fox hunting and eventing. After high school I worked in an eventing barn in England before coming back to New York working as a whipper-in to the Millbrook Hunt. During my time working at the hunt I produced several eventers, most notably my advanced level eventer, Castle Diamond. At 25 I left the hunt to focus on my eventing career and have been running my own business since 2016. I am based out of Fox Race Farm with wonderful clients and training eventers from novice through to the upper levels. My passion is working with young horses and particularly competing horses I’ve started myself. 

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Equine 74 Gastric

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