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Sensitive horses with a lot of energy benefit from Equine 74 CALMRELAX

Tanja Dietz


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Swiss-based show jumper Jason Smith was one of the first to try the Equine 74 Calmrelax paste. You can read about his experience here.

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Jason first decided to try out Equine 74 Gastric when two of his horses had been struggling with stomach ulcers. “I was actually very surprised about how well it worked, because both horses felt and looked better straight away,” Jason tells. “It was an immediate difference. Both of them started to eat better, and there was a noticeable change in their behaviour too as they were much quieter to ride.”

“Equine 74 Gastric has especially been beneficial for one of my mares, that is a bit of a hot and nervous horse with a sensitive stomach,” Jason tells. “One small problem was leading to another, she was a bit under-muscled, got easily tense when in work and then stiff afterwards. However, after adding Equine 74 Gastric to her daily feeding routine she started feeling a lot better in her body, got more relaxed to ride and consequently she also began building muscles with her previous problems disappearing. I did not change anything in my program with her, it was simply a result of feeding her Equine 74 Gastric.”

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After such good results with Equine 74 Gastric, Jason recently tried out the new Calmrelax paste, which he got from Martina Zahner – Equine 74 Distribution in Switzerland. “On two out of three horses, it had a very good effect – and it was definitely the more sensitive ones with a lot of energy that benefitted the most from it,” Jason tells. “I gave Calmrelax a bit less than 30 minutes prior to jumping, and it worked quickly. The two horses were quieter than normal, as well as being more accepting and willing to do what they normally would find a little difficult. They also sweated less, and their stomachs were better both during and after work.”



“Obviously, with no shows in the calendar, I have only been able to test Calmrelax at home – but my first impression is that this is a product that could really help nervous or sensitive horses in situations that easily cause them stress,” Jason says. “I also like that both Equine 74 Gastric and Calmrelax are natural products that you can give the horses without worrying about any negative side-effects. Whereas Gastric is great for maintaining the overall well-being of the more sensitive horses, I see Calmrelax as a product that gives them that extra help to relax in situations where they need it the most.”

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The long-term solution

Buffers the excess acid in the horse's stomach instead of blocking it.

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In case of acute stress

Supports the nervous horse stomach in stressful situations.