Get the Safe and Effective Alternative to Treating Your Horse for Recurring Ulcers

Give your horse the acid buffering power of Equine74 Gastric to keep him performing at his best.

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    Diagnose, treat, repeat.

    Isn’t it about time you got your horse off this ulcer merry-go-round?

    If your horse suffers from ulcers, you know how frustrating it can be. You pay for expensive vet visits and prescription medications. Your horse has some relief from pain and discomfort. Suddenly, he’s eating better, training harder, competing stronger.

    Until… the excess stomach acid builds back up after the treatments have stopped.

    And you’re right back where you started - with a horse that pins his ears every time you tighten the girth, bucks after a jump, or loses weight overnight.

    Equine 74 Gastric – Andreas Kreuzer

    Treating the ulcers is the first step… managing your horse’s long term gastric health is the next.

    If your horse has been diagnosed with ulcers, he needs treatment as prescribed by your vet. But keeping your horse on a medication like Omeprazole is no long term solution.

    It’s extremely expensive and doesn’t solve the bigger problem… effectively maintaining the acid necessary for digestion without causing stomach ulceration.

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    Because 1 out of every 2 sporthorses suffers from gastric ulcers ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

    Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Everyday stressors such as lack of turnout, grain heavy diets, trailering to shows, even training can affect your horse’s ability to keep stomach acid levels in check.

    That's why...
    Equine 74 Gastric International

    The secret to long term ulcer management... prevention with Equine74 Gastric

    You can give your horse relief from the pain and discomfort of recurrent ulcers. Equine74 Gastric is a 100% natural supplement that provides the support your horse needs to absorb ulcer causing excess stomach acid.

    Given daily, Equine74 Gastric helps maintain healthy ph levels making it the perfect alternative to regularly treating your horse for ulcers with expensive doses of Omeprazole.

    With its high calcium content and unique sponge-like structure, Equine74 Gastric has up to 2.5x the buffering capacity of other supplements on the market.

    So your horse feels better and can perform at his best day after day.

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    Equine 74 Gastric International

    Equine 74 Gastric is the number one supplement in our feeding room, and the most important. All Darragh Kenny`s show horses get it daily, we like to think we are preventing a problem instead of needing to treat a problem.

    Nickki O'Donovan, Head groomer for Irish showjumper Darragh Kenny

    Helping your horse be as healthy as he can be starts from the inside out

    Equine74 Gastric does more than simply buffer stomach acid. It prevents the ulcers that affect your horse’s ability to become a competitive athlete at the shows, a willing partner training at home, and the fittest horse in the barn. Feeding every day you’ll see results in the saddle and out.


    Reach your goals with a better performing horse

    Ask your horse to clear a 4’ course, execute clean tempi changes, or simply go on a trail ride. When you halt stomach ulcers in their tracks, your horse can jump, collect, and gallop easier without suffering from abdominal pain.


    Get behavior you can count on

    Give your horse every opportunity to be a safe and willing partner without the added stress of uncontrolled stomach acid. Equine74 Gastric helps your horse feel more comfortable so he can focus on listening to you instead of his ulcer pain.


    Keep your horse in peak condition

    Improve your horse’s ability to get the most out of the nutrients his body digests. Equine74 Gastric helps support healthy acid levels in the stomach making it easier to maintain a healthy functioning digestive tract.

    What the pros have to say about the results achieved with Equine74 Gastric

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    Equine 74 Gastric International

    Equine74 Gastric buffers acid in your horse’s stomach… instead of just blocking it.

    Horses produce gastric acid around the clock. When allowed to graze continually, our horses are able to buffer stomach acid on their own. But traveling, training, lack of turnout, and sporadic feeding schedules have created a lifestyle that’s less than ideal for optimal gastric health.

    Equine74 Gastric counteracts the effects of constant stress-related acid problems with high mineral acid buffering.

    Unlike Omeprazole that blocks the pumping of acid into the stomach, Equine74 Gastric buffers the excess. So your horse’s stomach can maintain a healthy pH balance reducing the risk of ulceration.

    And Equine74 Gastric does all of this naturally. Made of calcareous marine algae harvested from the waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland, the certified organic formulation has a high calcium content - increasing its ability to absorb high levels of acid in the horse’s stomach.

    Equine 74 Gastric International

    Why do leading international riders, trainers, and breeders rely on Equine74 Gastric?

    It’s proven effective

    Veterinary research in the UK has shown how the buffering of acid production by Equine74 Gastric successfully maintained constant pH values in subject horses.*

    It’s available in an easy to feed pellet horses love

    With the scoop provided, you can quickly and easily add the pellets to your horse’s grain. Or the added vanilla flavor will get them eating it right out of your hand.

    It’s safe for competitions - Drug free

    Equine74 Gastric does not contain any banned substances according to Jockey Club, FEI, USEF or BSJA rules. Go to shows without worrying about your horse testing positive.

    Equine74 Gastric is available as an easy to feed pellet or powder in 3 different sizes

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      In these countries you can buy Equine 74 Gastric directly. For all other countries, please buy on the international shop.

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      30 day money back guarantee**

      And it’s an affordable long term alternative to the diagnose, treat, repeat ulcer cycle

      For little more than $2 a day you can give your horse a 50 gram maintenance dose of Equine74 Gastric - reducing excessive stomach acid and the risk of ulcers recurring.

      Treatment with Omeprazole, the leading prescription medication for ulcers, can cost as much as $40 a day. For the cost of 1 month of Omeprazole you can get over a year’s worth of Equine74 Gastric.


      We've literally saved thousands of dollars each month.

      With over 20 horses in our barn, we had to find an alternative to Omeprazole. Not only did it cost a fortune but it meant keeping our horses on a medication long term. Equine74 Gastric has helped our horses naturally maintain a healthy level of stomach acid day in and day out - which means no recurring ulcers or incidences of colic. We've literally saved thousands of dollars each month. And our horses have never performed better.

      Daniel Bluman, Top International Show Jumper

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      Developed for horse people by horse people

      When we started our business in 2011, we were driven by the idea to create an all natural supplement that would buffer the stress-related rise of gastric acid in horses. We’ve seen firsthand how devastating ulcers can be not only to the long term health of horses but also to the relationships with their people.

      That’s why we developed Equine74 Gastric to help our equine partners feel more comfortable and perform at their best. So they can be happier and healthier partners no matter the discipline.

      Christian and Tanja Dietz, Founders of Equine74 Gastric


      Why Equine74 Gastric is the top choice for managing your horse’s stomach acid

      Everything you need from a supplement and nothing you don’t.

      Backed by research and proven to work. Safely and effectively reduce the stomach acid buildup that causes ulcers in your horse with a 50 gram daily maintenance dose.

      Affordable alternative to continually treating ulcers with Omeprazole

      Formulated from 100% natural ingredients

      Drug free - no banned substances

      Safe for daily use

      Proven effective by scientific research*

      30 Day - No risk guarantee**

      *Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 34 (2014) 391–397 Original Research

      ** 30 Day - No risk guarantee only for first order 2kg

      Made in Germany and available worldwide.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Equine 74 Gastric vs. Omeprazole

      • When should I use Omeprazole instead of Equine74 Gastric?

        If you suspect your horse has ulcers, call your veterinarian. They will be able to properly diagnose the problem and determine if your horse requires treatment with a prescription medication such as Omeprazole. Equine74 Gastric IS NOT a treatment for ulcers. Once your horse has been successfully treated for ulcers, use the Equine74 Gastric supplement to help maintain healthy acid levels in your horse’s stomach.

      • What is the difference between Equine 74 Gastric and Omeprazole?

        Omeprazole inhibits the proton pump that produces stomach acid. Equine 74 neutralizes stomach acid, acting as a natural buffer. Instead of halting the production of stomach acid, Equine 74 buffers the excess acid caused by stress related lifestyle factors many horses face - making it an excellent way to maintain healthy gastric acid levels.

      • Can I use Equine 74 Gastric and Omeprazole safely together?

        Yes. If your horse is recovering from ulcers, we recommend starting Equine 74 during the last 1 to 2 weeks of treatment with Omeprazole. Continue using Equine 74 Gastric on a daily base for 6 weeks to 4 months. Or continue using Equine 74 as a longer term solution for maintaining healthy acid levels in the stomach.

      Dosage and composition

      • What are the dosage and application guidelines?

        Feeding recommendation: 1-2 x per day mixed with your horse’s grain.

        Foals 25–50 g
        Ponies 25–50 g
        Yearlings 50–100 g
        Pregnant mares 50–100 g
        Broodmares 50–100 g
        Sport horses 50–100 g
        Stallions 50–100 g

        1 measuring scoop = 50 gram

        Keep out of reach of children.

        18 months after production date, always view label.

      • How safe is Gastric74 Equine to give to my horse on a long term basis?

        Equine 74 is safe to give your horse on a long term basis. It was developed specifically to help high performance horses handle the stresses of regular training, travel, and showing. Many of our customers have been using Equine 74 as an everyday supplement for years.

      • Can I use Equine 74 Gastric as a cure?

        Equine 74 is not a cure for gastric ulcers in horses. We suggest consulting your veterinarian if you suspect ulcers in your horse.

      • What are the ingredients in and composition of Equine74 Gastric?

        Maerl (calcareous marine algae), Magnesium oxide, linseed meal, linseed oil, sugar (3.5%) Manufacturing Licence number: α IEC241615

        At the core of Equine 74 Gastric is a 100% natural mineral nutrients complex consisting of red alga harvested from the ground of the ocean at the coast of Iceland. Red algae contains 74 different minerals, and a huge amount of natural calcium and magnesium.

        When the seaweed contained in Equine 74 Gastric breaks down within an acid milieu (pH value 5.5), the minerals are highly bio-available (100% of the calcium and 98.66% of the magnesium).

        Analytical Constituents:
        Hydrochloric acid insoluble ash <5%; Crude Oil 1%, Crude Fibre 2.8%, Crude Protein 2.5%, Crude Ash 76%, Calcium (Ca) 22%, Magnesium (Mg) 9%
        Digestibility enhancer: 4b1710 Saccharomyces cerevisae MUCL 39885 Sensory additives: mixture of flavoring compound

      Common Questions

      • Will my horse like the taste?

        We formulated the supplement with a vanilla flavoring to make it as palatable as possible for the horse. Most horses love the taste but if you have a picky eater start with a small amount (10-15 grams) in his regular feed for the first few days.

      • Will the magnesium in the supplement cause my horse to calm down too much?

        No. After regular use of Equine 74 you may see a noticeable difference in your horse’s behavior. Many of our customers have mentioned that their horses are more relaxed and have better concentration without the discomfort of excess stomach acid.

      • Will I see a difference in my horse in the first 10 days?

        Your horse may experience some relief in the first week but most customers see and feel a difference in their horses after 4 to 6 weeks. These changes may include:

        • Shinier coat
        • Increased muscle development
        • Ability to concentrate better during work
        • Reduction in unwanted behavioral problems
      • Can I use Equine 74 Gastric during a show? Is it doping free?

        Yes. It is free of any banned substances prohibited during recognized shows - FEI.

      Choose from one of the 3 sizes to start your horse on the road to better gastric health today

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        In these countries you can buy Equine 74 Gastric directly. For all other countries, please buy on the international shop.

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        30 day money back guarantee**