Colic is life-threatening for horses.

"It's all sorted out and we're at the end of our tether."

"The subject of colic is on our minds, as one of our sport horses regularly has 20 min colics, although we have the best quality hay with few breaks. Unfortunately, our problem child is also a popper (like his father) and has been in an open stable for years."


and her 5 Icelandic horses

"Unfortunately, my mare, who also enjoys sport a lot, is prone to colic due to a sensitive stomach."

"She has problems with stomach flushing and stresses more often in her daily life, even over small things."


with Stuti

"Bahim unfortunately has recurring stomach problems and on and off cramping colic."

"Currently we have it pretty well under control, but I still always worry."


with Bahim

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