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Stress and its effect on horses is something most riders know all too well.

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My four-year-old mare has a top character and is a life insurance in the cross-country.

Unfortunately, it stresses her out extremely when there are several horses in one arena. You can certainly imagine how stressed the poor thing is on a show jumping arena.

Corinna with Stalypso Lady 2


The long-awaited change of stables became the biggest stress factor. My pony developed separation anxiety, whinnied day and night, found no new horse friends.

Only the change back to his old home made her happy again. But this stress produced many other symptoms....

Marion with Calendula


Zizou is a horse that internalizes everything, especially stress, and shows little externally.

Nevertheless, the eyes reveal exactly how he is feeling. In this way I learn better and better what means too much stress for him.

Idhuna with Zizou


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