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My horse shows inexplicable behaviour during training. What does that mean?

Tanja Dietz


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The stomach is a weak spot for many horses. Horses suffer as often from stomach problems as people suffer from headaches and backaches. Too bad there is no miracle cure to get rid of these problems in an instant. Even after the diagnosis is sure, riders need quite a bit of trial and error to find a remedy that can help their horse.

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This is what a rider wrote us a few weeks ago: “My horse frequently displays symptoms of stomach problems. It’s a mare and I think she is not exposed to any kind of stress, plus she can always feed and run around. I would like to feed her your pellets, when she’s acting weird again.” 

We get many of similar messages. Riders simply don’t know what to do about these problems. They keep their horses as recommended, and they feed them frequently to ensure the stomach acid is quickly neutralized. Because they have learned that excess stomach acid can lead to gastric ulceration in no time.

In the equestrian world there is a lot of buzz about how stomach problem can be cured. Some look at the conditions in which horses are kept, others swear by prescription drugs such as Omeprazole. That said, the latter are not only ridiculously expensive (we are talking 1,000 $ are more per treatment), but also they are not intended for long-term usage.

The symptoms are dealt with, but what about the problem?

These remedies have a major disadvantage: Once you stop the treatment, the problems return rather sooner than later, because they are not directed at the underlying causes.

So, what can you do?

An alternative to medical treatment is giving your horse feed supplements. However, there is a bunch of different products and brands. So how can you find out which one is right for your horse? At the end of the day, there is nothing but trial and error. However, please note: It takes some time till the horse adapts to a supplement which is why you should think twice about what to try. If you don’t find the right supplement for your horse straight away, you might lose crucial months while your horse doesn’t get better.

Many professional riders have taken a leap of faith and tried our Equine 74 Gastric. Most of them took the hint from other competition riders who have already successfully used our product.

Dressage rider Julie De Deken got the recommendation from her own mother. Now she shares it with others, because her horses feel great. Do you want to know the whole story? Go on and read.

Julie De Deken: “I would recommend
Equine 74 Gastric to anyone”

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Belgium’s acclaimed dressage rider Julie De Deken competes at the highest level of the sport with her number one mount Kingsley Lucky Dance. In 2014, she represented Belgium at the World Equestrian Games and also competed at the European Championships in Herning in 2013.

For about six months, Julie De Deken has been using Equine 74 Gastric. After trying many different supplements and products, Julie finally found the right one to get rid of her horse’s stomach problems: Equine 74 Gastric.

“My mother was actually the one that discovered Equine 74 Gastric, and about six months ago we started to use the product,” Julie De Deken explains. “We had one horse that had quite some stomach problems from the moment we got him. He used to be easily stressed and if he was stressed, it immediately affected his stomach. In addition, he ate very poorly and almost always left half of his food untouched.”

After using all kinds of different food and supplements, the problems of Julie’s horse still did not go away.

“Until we went on to use Equine 74 Gastric!” she says. “It does not work instantly, but after feeding it for a couple of weeks you can really see the horses getting better. The biggest change probably was the way he eats. Instead of being a poor eater, he is a very good one nowadays. He eats everything!”

Not only the appetite of Julie’s horse improved, in many other ways the horse also got better.

“The level of stress decreased immensely and the horse seems to be much healthier now. When you see him standing on the box, he looks like a relaxed horse. When you go to a show, you feel he is much more relaxed too – the horse just feels better!”

Julie also tried Equine 74 Gastric on her best mount Kingsley Lucky Dance.

“Since he is my show horse, I thought it could also be beneficial for him. I gave him only a small dose and although the change was not major, he probably felt a bit better too!”

Julie De Deken would for sure recommend Equine 74 Gastric to her fellow riders.

“I already recommended it to some people who had horses with stomach problems. After using so many different supplements and products, I am really glad we found a product that actually works! If a horse does not eat well, suffers from stomach problems or stress, Equine 74 Gastric will for sure help!”

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