Is EQUINE 74 GASTRIC a longterm alternative to omeprazole?

Marco Kutscher, one of the best German showjumping riders, uses Equine 74 Gastric on horses which he thinks are more stressful. As the sport has changed over the years  with much more travelling in different time zones, he feels that Equine 74 Gastric is really helping his horses for their well being.

There are a lot of ways how to manage stress and gastric ulcer problems by horses. But have you ever thought about a natural alternative to omeprazole? Equine 74 Gastric can support your horse to bring up more performance and to feel well. Riders and horsemen, who feed Equine 74 Gastric as a daily supplement, report, that their horses are dealing better with stress, are more relaxed in training and at the shows much more concentrated and successful.