Episode 9

In conversation with Marc-Peter Spahn

In the latest episode of our Equine 74 podcast, Marc-Peter Spahn, an acclaimed Belgian dressage rider and devoted fan of Friesian horses, draws an interesting comparison. He describes Friesians as being similar to Labradors, prompting curiosity about the reasons behind this analogy.

Spahn, an accomplished trainer and breeder, engages in a conversation with Christian to delve into the daily routine at his renowned Stal Baron Spahn in Niebert, the Netherlands. Discover the deep-rooted passion he holds for Friesian horses, their unique qualities that captivate him, the way they are inspired by show applause, and the remarkable effects of Equine 74 Gastric on his cherished horses. Tune in to this episode, available in English, to uncover the secrets behind Spahn's love affair with these magnificent creatures.