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Our History

In 2011 our inbound marketing agency Dietz & Consorten was commissioned by the Irish governmental organisation Enterprise Ireland to develop a marketing and sales concept for the introduction of a supplementary feed for horses. Equine 74 Gastric (at that time known as EquiMinPlus) had undergone scientific tests, the results of which were confirmed in practice by numerous horse experts (leisure riders, stud farm operators, Olympic athletes and veterinarians). Enterprise Ireland withdrew from direct processing after being commissioned, but remained active and thus began direct a contact and exchange with the Irish manufacturer.

The project was started with great euphoria. We were able to make decisive further developments to Equine 74 Gastric (dosage form, taste and acceptance) through our active consultation, often resulting from practical tests with riding stables, breeders and riders. These practical tests generated very positive results, with individual horse owners specifically asking us where they could buy the product. During numerous talks and visits to Ireland, we were approached by the owner and the director with the idea of taking over distribution, initially for the most important market in Europe: Germany.


And thus the idea of marketing our own supplement was born, which we have been doing ever since!

The test results, the existence of a published scientific study, our own market knowledge and know-how all seemed to coalesce into one idea. At this point, one may ask just what our know-how entails. Our communications agency has worked with diverse branches of the equestrian industry for over 20 years: our clients included vet-pharma companies, particularly their equine departments, horse feed manufacturers, stable builders, riding apparel manufacturers, horse breeders' associations and organisations such as the Holsteiner Verband, the Trakehner Verband, the Hanoverian Verband, the FN in Warendorf, and private stallion owners e.g. Hengsdepot Vornholt.


Dietz & Consorten GmbH owns the worldwide distribution rights for the Equine 74® supplement series. We produce the supplements ourselves through a partner company in Schleswig Holstein. We have international trade partners who are very strongly integrated in equestrian sports and have extensive networks at their disposal. They are all active riders and breeders, including veterinarians, equestrian shop owners, international horse dealers, lawyers who specialize in equestrian sports and tournament organisers. These global contacts have developed over the years into friendships, and once a year we convene in Hamburg to exchange ideas.


We have active partners in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Hungary, UAE, Lebanon, New Zealand, Japan. We serve all other countries directly from our online shop in Hamburg.

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Who is Dietz & Consorten?

Christian Dietz, expert for needs-based marketing, with an Msc in inbound marketing

Christian Dietz has been CEO of Dietz & Consorten GmbH for almost 30 years. He studied agricultural sciences at Giessen University with intensive work in animal breeding and husbandry, particularly horse breeding. His love for horses and agriculture led to the development of the two major fields of competence at Dietz & Consorten GmbH. His many years of experience as a consultant for communications, market overview and the resulting market transparency allow him to undertake consultant work for the strategic analysis of corporate communications in the agricultural and equestrian industries. From 2015 to 2018 Christian Dietz was a member of the board of the Association of Breeders of the Holsteiner Horse.

Dietz & Consorten GmbH was awarded the coveted German Agricultural Marketing Prize in November 2019 in the agricultural engineering category´ for its work in the Claas campaign "First Claas-Rental".


Tanja Dietz, EKS Strategist, Co-CEO of Dietz & Consorten GmbH

Tanja Dietz has over 27 years of business experience, a solidly entrepreneurial mindset and a head for customer satisfaction. For her, this means concentrating on one goal: the development of an optimal communication strategy for the company’s business in Germany and abroad. Her sound knowledge forms the basis for the structuring and implementing processes in all aspects of inbound marketing.

Dabei nutzt sie ganz gezielt ihren Know-how-Vorsprung um die Methoden der engpasskonzentrierten Strategie als ausgebildeter und zertifizierter Strategiecoach nach der Lehre von Prof. h.c. Wolfgang Mewes (EKS).