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Make your horse feel happy inside.

Natural stomach acid buffers and a digestion-friendly pH value in the stomach and intestines can have a positive effect on your horse's performance and well-being. Lucky for your horse and you!

A recent study by Citruslabs has shown that Equine 74 products are effective in supporting equine wellbeing.

Alleviates symptoms

90.6 % of participants reported that EQUINE 74 GASTRIC is an easy way to help alleviate symptoms associated with ulcers.

Achieves noticeable results

80.6 % of horse owners stated that they were satisfied with the results of EQUINE 74 STOMACH CALM RELAX.

Demonstrates significant effectiveness

The supplements proved to be highly effective in improving gastrointestinal wellbeing and reducing stress-related behaviors in horses.


Give your horse the support it deserves.

Discover our premium products for optimal performance and well-being.

Feeding sample
Equine 74 Gastric Sample
From € 5,35
The long term solution
Equine 74 Gastric
From € 77,90
For immediate relief
Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax
From € 54,81
Simply top! Fast delivery as always. Great product that helps my horse!
Pia N.

Super! We feed Equine 74 to our two stomach-sensitive horses and have had no more problems since then 🤩🤩🤩

Dr. Beate S.G.

Problem solver also for a long time. Regular intake has resulted in no more stomach problems, colic or diarrhoea.

Ute R.

Great product! Has really helped my sport horse to finally put an end to the stomach problem! Remains a permanent addition.

Alva E.

Perfect support. The horses take it very well and I have already noticed an improvement after 2-3 weeks. I definitely recommend it!

Chiara H.

Very thankful! My mare was suffering for years and Equine 74 changed her life 🙏 Thank you 🙏

Laura Z.

Founder Christian Dietz

How can Equine 74 help your horse?

Every day we receive messages from customers or interested people who want to know more about the topic of gastric ulcer in horses and our two products.

We have answered the most common questions we are asked in the adjacent video.

If your answer is not included, write us in the chat or just give us a call. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Do as many riders around the world do: optimize husbandry, rethink feeding, reduce stress and feed Equine 74.

You suspect a stomach ulcer in your horse?

Track, manage and share your horse's stomach symptoms – for free!

  • Use the app on the go or at home, on and offline.
  • Document symptoms, save them as a PDF, or share them with your vet or clinic via a link.
  • Use the app for as many horses as you want and as often as you want.

Bye-bye stomach ulcers, hello Equine 74 – our products at a glance

Equine 74 Gastric

The long-term solution

Buffers the excess acid in the horse's stomach instead of blocking it.

Horses produce gastric acid around the clock. Only if they can graze constantly, the stomach acid is usually sufficiently buffered.

Acid buffer for daily supplementation

Doping free - no banned ingredients

From 100% natural ingredients

Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax


Supports the nervous horse stomach in stressful situations.

Natural stomach acid buffer, highly digestible magnesium and a natural “gel protective film” that lays on the stomach contents can have a positive effect during transport, training, competitions and anything new. Lucky for your horse and you!

Reduces stress-related discomfort

Magnesium creates more calmness

Doping free - no banned ingredients

100% natural ingredients

Developed by horse people for horse people

In 2011, we started our company with the goal of developing an all-natural feed supplement that buffers excess stomach acid in horses.

We have experienced ourselves how ulcers can destroy not only the health of horses, but also their relationship with people.

That's why we developed Equine 74 Gastric to help our four-legged partners feel good while performing at their personal best. We want to make horses happier and healthier - no matter what discipline they are at home in.


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