Can you support gastric health in horses?

Equine 74 - Maintaining the natural gastric environment

Stress is a common cause for increased acid production. But also intensive training, travelling, shows, box rest, medication, high concentrate diets, exercise and prolonged periods without forage may all compromise the gastric mucosa. This can be very debilitating for a horse and affect their performance, condition and behaviour.

Excessive stomach acid can be nutritionally addressed by supplementing the horse’s diet with a natural buffer. Equine 74 is a safe and 100% natural marine nutraceutical supplement for horses, derived from calcareous marine algae. It contains 74 naturally occurring minerals, and is a rich source of calcium and magnesium, with added live yeast, which is known to assist the digestive system.

Equine 74 Gastric helps to nutritionally maintain the stomach lining from the effects of continued exposure to stomach acids.

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