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"The peer reviewed and published research of this unique and natural supplement, make it ideal for feeding to working and competing horses"  Independent Consultant Equine Nutritionist Zoe Davies MSc.Eq.S.R.Nutr 








"Use Equine 74 and you will see a massive improvement in your horse's health. I can honestly say it is the best product I've used" Andrew Collins UK Showing Champion  (pictured)

"Our horse was scoped again having used the Equine 74 Gastric and my vet and I were amazed at how effective it was" Hannah

"We are pleased with the results of Equine 74 Gastric and are happy to recommend it to our clients where appropriate" MBG Vet Group

"We suspected she had stomach ulcers and WOW your product has worked absolute wonders" Georgina

"The change in the horses has been phenomenal, it truly has. People want something that works and in my book Equine 74 works ! " R.O.S Equine Vets

"Wow! I cannot believe the difference in Pye - after the first week my vet and I saw a big improvement and by the end of the second week the signs of gastric problems had disappeared" Melanie 

"He is so much calmer and settled and can now focus on his work – even my jumping teacher couldn’t believe the difference! Jo Glover, BD Judge, Rider and Teacher

"Seriously the best product for horses that I have ever bought" Harriet