"Equine 74 Gastric really makes a big difference".....

Many riders are now getting back to excercising their horses - ready for competitions and events. Many horses find the competitive environment stressful - travel,unfamiliar surroundings and intense excercise, all of which can increase gastric  acid production and lead to uncomfortable and debilitating stomach issues. Equine 74 Gastric can really help to reduce this stress as it buffers the excess acid effectively and induces calmer behaviour. Customer Georgina Roberts from Lancashire certainly found this and we are grateful for her comments....."The Equine 74 Gastric really makes a big difference to my horse. She used to get horribly stressed from going to places and started biting at being girthed up, which lasted for days afterwards. Since using the Equine 74 she happily goes to all-day clinics with no problems. I've also just started training so its great that she's so much more relaxed and I can also leave her standing in the box without worrying which has made a huge difference (last year when I took her to dressage competitions she used to kick the box to pieces if I left her for 5 minutes !). Equine 74 is now an essential part of my daily feeding routine and I thoroughly recommend it"

Thanks again to Georgina -  If you have similar experiences with your horses make sure you use Equine 74 Gastric and see the difference for yourself !



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About the Author: Amanda Davies