24 Feb, 2020

"Equine 74 Gastric has made a BIG difference"...

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Thank you to our customer Laura, for kindly letting us know of her experience with Equine 74 Gastric -

21 Jan, 2020

Big thanks to Equine 74

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15 Jan, 2020

"It really is such a fantastic product"....

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09 Jan, 2020

Happy New Year to all our Customers!

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18 Dec, 2019

More happy customers !

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19 Nov, 2019

Help your Horses this Winter...

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It is now known that stress is a major contributor to EGUS and this can be caused by numerous factors. Winter for some horses can prove to be very stressful especially when turnout is restricted or not possible at all. The changes to environment, routine, conditions, nutrition and exercise may all potentially affect the stress levels of our horses.....

15 Nov, 2019

Evie was treated for ulcers in May

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Equine 74 Gastric successfully helps another customer, Sarah and her mare, Evie. Sarah commented “Evie was treated for ulcers in May and following treatment I put her on Equine 74 Gastric and she’s just got better and better. Her behaviour is totally.......

11 Nov, 2019

Another great competition at Arena Eventing....

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Congratulations to the top 4 of our sponsored Novice class at Kelsall Hill's Arena Eventing on Saturday. 1st was Jessica Smith, 2nd Becky King, 3rd Emily Plant and 4th James Dawson. Another hugely popular and well supported event. Thanks to the team at Kelsall -Remember Equine 74 Gastric helps to keep horses happy.

04 Nov, 2019

He improved hugely on the Equine 74....

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Wessex Chiropractic was founded by Sally Mathews in 2008. The clinic uses traditional chiropractic adjustments alongside soft tissue therapies and treatment is all hands-on and never involves the use of additional instruments. Sally also works  at the Equine Rebalance Therapy Centre at Wellington Riding, and has seen for herself the benefits of Equine 74 Gastric and, where appropriate, recommends the product to her clients. She let us know about her client Becky.....

21 Oct, 2019

I just can't recommend Equine 74 enough

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Thank you to new customer Karen Rodgers who has been so impressed with Equine 74. Karen sent us a lovely note to demonstrate  how effective the Equine 74 Gastric has been. Karen wrote ......