Get the Safe and Effective Alternative to Treating Your Horse for Recurring Ulcers

Give your horse the acid buffering power of Equine74 to keep him performing at his best.

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Diagnose, treat, repeat.

Isn’t it about time you got your horse off this ulcer merry-go-round?

Treating the ulcers is the first step… managing your horse’s long term gastric health is the next.


Equine74 Gastric buffers acid in your horse’s stomach… instead of just blocking it.

Horses produce gastric acid around the clock. When allowed to graze continually, our horses are able to buffer stomach acid on their own. But traveling, training, lack of turnout, and sporadic feeding schedules have created a lifestyle that’s less than ideal for optimal gastric health.


Equine74 counteracts the effects of constant stress-related acid problems with high mineral acid buffering.

Unlike Omeprazole that blocks the pumping of acid into the stomach, Equine74 Gastric buffers the excess. So your horse’s stomach can maintain a healthy pH balance reducing the risk of ulceration.

And Equine74 Gastric does all of this naturally. Made of calcareous marine algae harvested from the waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland, the certified organic formulation has a high calcium content - increasing its ability to absorb high levels of acid in the horse’s stomach.

Here’s how!


Why do leading international riders, trainers, and breeders rely on Equine74?

Affordable alternative to continually treating ulcers with Omeprazole

Formulated from 100% natural ingredients

Drug free - no banned substances

Safe for daily use

30 Day - No risk guarantee**

** 30 Day - No risk guarantee only for first order 2kg

6-Week Ration (2kg)

6 weeks – 50g daily to buffer excess gastric acid.

Available as pellets, pellets refill, powder or granulate.

4-Month Ration (6kg)

4-month ration to combat stomach hyperacidity long-term.

Available as pellets, pellets refill, powder or granulate.

13-Month Ration (20kg)

13-month ration for one horse, also ideal for rides who want to administer it to several horses.

Available as pellets, pellets refill, powder or granulate.

Developed for horse people by horse people

When we started our business in 2011, we were driven by the idea to create an all natural supplement that would buffer the stress-related rise of gastric acid in horses. We’ve seen firsthand how devastating ulcers can be not only to the long term health of horses but also to the relationships with their people.

That’s why we developed Equine74 Gastric to help our equine partners feel more comfortable and perform at their best. So they can be happier and healthier partners no matter the discipline.

Christian and Tanja Dietz, Founders of Equine74 Gastric