Why are stomach problems in horses frequently accompanied by knee problems?

Tanja Dietz


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As we have shown, stomach problems such as irritation of the gastric mucosa or gastric ulcers may be treated by acupuncture. Needles are inserted into the body at various acupuncture points along the so-called stomach meridian. Meridians are defined pathways along which the vital force of the body is supposed to circulate. They have a controlling influence on all bodily functions associated with the meridians. Horses have a complex system of meridians consisting of twelve meridians and two primary vessels.

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This article describes the position of the stomach meridian, the effects of the individual acupuncture points, and it explains why stomach patients suffer from knee problems, tending to become lame in the hindquarters in the presence of acute stomach problems.

The stomach meridian begins just below the eye, near the pupil. The Ma 1 and Ma 2 points help soothe the horse and relieve stress and colics. The stomach meridian then proceeds with the Ma 7 and Ma 8 points on the jowls, revealing dental problems if the horse is sensitive to this. The meridian then passes through the Ma 10 point in line with the jugular groove towards the base of the neck. This is the test point for the knee joint. It then proceeds via Ma 11 up to Ma 25, which is one handbreath beside the navel. This is the alarm point for the colon. Besides, acupuncture at Ma 25 calms the intestinal tract. The next point is Ma 35, located directly on the knee - an acupuncture point for knee pain. Ma 36 is below the knee on top of the shin-bone. It is also referred to as a ‘masterpoint’ of the immune system. The last point of the stomach meridian is MP 45, the so-called ting point, located right above the hind hoof. This harmonises the entire meridian.

Thus, if the stomach meridian or the Ma 35 point located directly on the stomach meridian is affected, this may give rise to acute, recurring knee pain, causing the horse to tighten up or to become lame.


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